How to maintain your hair Extension?

December 23, 2022by admin

Tip 1
It is critical to develop the habit of combing your hair with a wide comb before going to bed at night and waking up in the morning. Begin combing your hair from the bottom to the top. This is done to prevent dust from becoming trapped within the hair extension and tangling the hair.

When washing your hair extensions. It is a good habit to comb your hair before washing it, and remember to always start at the bottom and work your way up to the top. The reason for this is to remove any dust and avoid tangling your extensions.

Tip 3
When shampooing your hair, always start with warm water so that your hair pores are open and you can easily wash out any natural oil or dust from your hair, then wash and rinse out your conditioner or hair mask. Remember to always finish with cold water to close your hair pores while also closing your hair cuticles and keeping it smooth.

Tip 4
It 1s recommended to use a wig brush or a wide-tooth comb to avoid creating any stress or fictions to your hair and preventing breakage and shedding.

Tips 5
It is important to use the proper hair products. Look for sulphate-free or moisturizing shampoo, as well as any deep conditioner or aqua intense mask, to keep the hair soft and  moisturized, preventing tangling and stripping. One advantage of using a sulphate -free shampoo is that your strands will retain their natural, healthy shine.

Tip 6
If you frequently blow dry your hair or use stylist tools, it is recommended that you use a heat protect product to prevent overheating not only your hair extensions but also your own hair.